The Happy Way To Hotness

It’s Not Just Your Body, It’s Your LIFE

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It’s Not Just Your Body, It’s Your LIFE

Yes the bikini body looks and feels great, but so does a marriage that’s on fire backed by a mind that can create anything the heart desires.

Do you understand the cost of ignoring your unhealthy relationship with food? Do you understand what you’re really doing when you netflix & binge on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? You’re hiding, girlfriend. You’re hiding from your past, from your emotions, and from your fear of failing. You’re hiding from worthiness, from an uncomfortable conversation you have to have with your spouse, from the stress of dealing with your shitty boss, and from your unrealistic expectation of being the perfect mom. You’re tired of having no time for yourself, of avoiding mirrors, and of giving up your power to everyone else. You’re hiding from change and from the discomfort that comes along with it.

You think that “if only I could lose the weight, then I would be happy”. But what does that version of happy even look like? Do you love yourself more? Do you have a better relationship with your spouse? Do you gain the confidence to talk to your boss, embrace your imperfections or lean in to the discomfort of change more easily? Do you really think that losing those pounds is going to transform you from the inside, out?

If I allowed you to only focus on your nutrition as the answer to your problems I would be failing you as your coach. I would be just like every other shitty nutrition program out there promising you false happiness. Happy isn’t a ribbon you get for crossing the weight loss finish line. If you truly want to make a lasting change, you need to be ready to understand why you are where you are. You need to be ready to get vulnerable with yourself, lean in and give yourself the space to actually FEEL something.

You need to be ready to stand in your truth and embrace all that you are and all that you want to become - you alone hold the power to choose who this woman is.

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So, what is The Happy Way To Hotness?

Transformation goes deeper than nutrition, or how you look... Watch to learn more about The Happy Way To Hotness.

This ISN’T for you…

  • if you really f*cking love to regain the weight you spend months losing over and over and over again
  • if you think that being happy in life is the equivalent of looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel
  • if you think that a set of macros is all you need to change your life and feel confident in your body
  • if you aren’t ready to step into your truth and take ownership of what it really is that you want in life
  • if you enjoy making yourself feel guilty for eating and prefer to punish yourself on the treadmill instead of spend the time to figure your sh*t out
  • if you aren’t ready to believe that you are worthy of happiness, abundance or love in your life
  • if you think a smaller dress size is going to fix your marriage
  • if you think that changing the reflection in the mirror is going to fix your broken mindset
  • if you think that restricting yourself from all “bad” food is going to change anything about how you feel about yourself or the power food has over you

This IS for you…

  • if you are f*cking sick and tired of your broken relationship with food and are ready to break free from its chains
  • if you are finally ready to figure out how to eat on your terms without tracking every morsel of food or following another gimmicky meal plan
  • if you have failed your diet more time than you can count but you’re ready to put that behind you, stop blaming yourself and commit to making this the last first day of a new plan
  • if you know you cannot do this alone and have been searching for the right plan to give you tools you can trust and the accountability you need without a high ticket price tag
  • if you are done with feeling small and powerless amidst the stress of your unbalanced life, crappy relationships, or unfulfilled life
  • if you are overwhelmed thinking about navigating all of the mainstream diet culture bullsh*t that leaves you clueless as to where to start or who to believe
  • if you are ready to silence that sassy b*tch in your head who criticises, judges and beats you up daily, once and for all

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Why The Happy Way To Hotness?

Forget the last crappy meal plan you followed or cookie cutter “custom” macros you were given. Your failure was not your fault...you were duped.

Never feel overwhelmed by your nutrition again. We simplify the important stuff and remove anything fancy that might impress you, but definitely won't help you. You will learn only what actually matters when it comes to eating for weight loss.

You won’t find any wu wuu detox’s here, sowie.

Happy is more than a dress size

We know (and you know) that where you want to be is not defined solely by your dress size - so we’re going to dive into wayyyy more than that. Girl, we are going to peel back dem layers until you finally find the person you’ve been searching for this whole time!

Yes, you’re going to love the way you feel and look, yes your relationship will be on fire, and yes you might even create more financial freedom for yourself by showing up with more energy in work and in life...but in the end you will feel so happy with the person you have become that all of that will just be the cherry on top.

Silence that sassy b*tch once and for all

There is a reason you are where you are, and it has a lot to do with how you talk to yourself power your thoughts have over your actions. Make these changes last forever by figuring out where you are holding yourself back and how to break free from your own limiting beliefs (and leave that mean girl behind).

I get it, you have failed several times before. So did I. You need to learn how to stop blaming yourself for past failures and build a future around happiness balance and success.

Your permission slip for balance

You have permission to make yourself a priority and not feel guilty about it, damnit! What do you really want your life to look like, anyways? Learn to let go of expectation, comparison and perfectionism for good. They don’t serve you, babycakes.

It’s time to stop playing the victim, figure out how to prioritize your happiness more than you prioritize the size of your bod and learn how to live a life that works for you instead of against you.

Don’t go at it alone, girlfriend

If any of this resonated with you, I want you to step into your truth and fill in your information below. You deserve to make yourself a priority and finally be happy in your life again. And it all starts here and now.

Whether you sign up for my program or now, I want to invite you to join my private community of other women, just like you, that will hold you accountable to your weekly tasks and support you as you progress through the program. You never have to feel alone again, love. We’re going to be in your corner forever.

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"With her help, I’ve gone from 186 lbs -> 167.5 lbs in under 3 months with eating smarter… and have mentally lost a lot of “weight” too! Namely, outdated ideas of what it takes to lose weight, and how to build self-confidence and personal success strategies into my “busy” life."

- Rachel Jones

"Laura has helped heal a very broken relationship with food and with myself. I’ve been given tools to enhance the life I was living in a way that benefits my physical, emotional and long term health."

- Sarah Hannigan

"With the knowledge that Laura gave me I can now say that I understand the importance of nutrition. All of which I will continue to value for the rest of my life. If it was not for Laura I would have kept going down the unwanted path, but thankfully, I was able to finally reach my goal! Thank you Laura"

- Kaden Roy

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Your Instructor

Laura Poburan
Laura Poburan

Hi! I’m Laura.

You may already know me as the nutrition coach who works with women who know there is more to happy than being skinny, and are ready to Have It All! But there’s more to my story.

The raw, honest truth of it is that there was a time, long ago now, where I felt unbalanced in my life and unhappy with the body that, I felt, defined me. I had developed a poor relationship with food (and with myself), and I had no idea who I truly was or what really made me happy. I thought that looking like a Victoria Secret supermodel was going to be the key to finding happiness within myself. How naive that was…

I thought that the smaller I was, the better I was. But why was I so focused on shrinking down when I was born to take up space. To be vibrant, own my voice and show up to this world with an authentic energy that inspires you to also create a life you are obsessed with.

I re-wrote my story, and you can too. Skinny isn’t your endgame, girlfriend – happiness is.

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